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Return to Patient Handbooks Living and Thriving with Lung Cancer
by Barbara Gitlitz MD, Daniel Oh MD, Amol Rao MD, Stephen Liu MD, O. Kenneth Macdonald MD, Wayne Lamoreaux MD, Robert Fairbanks MD, Jason Call MD, Heather Gabbert MS RD LD CD, Tess Taft MSW LICSW, Kathy Beach RN, and Christopher M. Lee MD
Published: April 1, 2013

    This patient handbook has been written by clinical experts to help you in your battle with lung cancer. This is a book designed for patients with cancer, or for family members or friends of loved ones with cancer.  As cancer therapies evolve, it is important for each patient and their family members to be aware of the resources available to them.
    This book has been written in such a way that it will provide rapid assistance to you or your loved ones when searching for answers to common questions.  It provides descriptions of common diagnostic tests and symptoms of the diagnosis.  In addition, this text describes common surgical, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments.  In addition to the descriptions of modern therapies, this book contains a guide to healthy nutrition, suggestions to dealing with the stress of a cancer diagnosis, as well as a journal section to document the details of your cancer diagnosis and treatment.
    Many people and resources are available to assist you with your cancer journey. BUY NOW